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CNC Bending

CNC chamfering-bending, sheet bending with the accuracy of one tenth of a milimetre

CNC controlled LVD bending machineIn sheet metal processing, a very important and often used area is chamfering-bending, the bending of sheets, which requires the greatest experience and professionalism in the processing of today’s complicated, structured, precise spare parts.

In our company, an 8-axis CNC-controlled LVD chamfering-bending machine is used for precision machining, which is one of the top-of-the-range solutions in the industry. It guarantees excellent bending accuracy. Thank to our experienced specialists, as well as the computer-assisted preparation and control, exact processing of complex, assembled sheet metal products does not pose a problem any more. 

During chamfering-bending, new shaping characteristics are produced from the present sheet processing or from the semi-finished products; in this case the sheet is bent, bent back or made flat. The most important aspects of bending are: material quality, sheet thickness, bend length, range of bending angles. Sheets made of the following materials are most frequently bent: steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

We have a very wide assortment of necessary tools for chamfering-bending, so we can be in fact a correct and effective partner for our customers in any of their bending works.

Our CNC chamfering-bending service

At present, we have an 8-axis CNC-controlled LVD chamfering-bending machine for our partners and customers at our Győr location. 

Characteristics of chamfering:

 Back bending, flatten
 If necessary, a pressure-free bending
 Precise execution of complex bending process

Features of the CNC chamfering-bending services:

 Equipment: CNC-controlled 8-axis LVD chamfering-bending process
 Type: LVD PPEB-8 135/30 hydraulic chamfering-bending process
 Bending force: 135t
 Number of axes: 8
 Maximal bending length: 3000 mm
 Bending angle range: 30-179,9°

Precise and powerful CNC control Hydraulic bending Max. 3000 mm bendable length

For further details please contact our colleagues, and ask for our offer!

Tamas Hujber

Production manager of CNC cutting and bending work
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