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CNC Cutting and Bending Process

CNC Autogenous Cutting

The thermic CNC autogenous cutting is, as a rule, applied for cutting of thicker steel sheets whereas the cutting process takes place through combustion with the help of a flammable mixture of a gas and oxygen, and cutting oxygen in the total material thickness.

Oxyacetylene cutting is a conventional thermal cutting process of unalloyed and low alloy steels, of vertical cuts and slanting, as well as cutting and shredding of thick carbon steel sheets.

Oxyacetylene cutting in thicker areas for cutting carbon steel sheets is the best, most economical method.

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CNC Laser Cutting

With the CNC laser cutting, we take over the cutting out of spare parts, without a machine rework is necessary, whereby by the high-precision focused laser beam the material is vaporized besides the relatively small cutting widths.

Laser cutting is performed without mechanical contact, whereby the cutting leaves high-quality, burr-free cutting surfaces. We can work with a very thin cutting width when cutting, whereby we can produce a high precision and small radii, all with a high degree of design freedom. 

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CNC Water Jet Cutting

The greatest advantage of the CNC water jet cutting technology is that it allows material processing without heat load.In fact, we are able to take over the cutting of arbitrary materials on a plane surface - even for sensitive and brittle ones - with high precision, in an environmentally friendly manner. 

With water jet cutting, most of the materials, including sensitive and brittle materials, can be cut from metals to various minerals, ceramics to plastics, rubber, and even wood can be effectively cut. The cutting can be carried out with high precision with a high-quality burr-free cutting surface, whereby in general no rework is necessary. The CNC-controlled axes offer a high degree of design freedom.

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CNC chamfering-bending, sheet bending

Our 8-axis CNC chamfering and sheet metal bending machines represent high-tech technology, which allows the manufacture of highly precise spare parts; this is indispensable both in the angular range and in the bending dimension for the tolerance performance of today’s spare parts.

During edge bending, the new form is produced from the sheet metal or from the semi-finished spare parts, in which case the sheet is bent, bent back or flat. Our modern CNC bending machines can precisely perform both any bending work and also complicated deformations according to the requirements.

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