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CNC Laser Cutting

CNC Laser Cutting service

The CNC laser cutting is one of the most effective and flexible metalworking methods, combining the precision of the concentrated high-energy laser beam and the high flexibility of the CNC control to create a high-performance computer-controlled industrial system.

The industrial laser cutting machines from the German manufacturer Trumpf used by Ferenczi Fémipari Kft. belong to the group of 2D lasers, which are primarily used for sheet metal panels as well as flat surface machining. The cutable material quality and the corresponding material thickness are 20 mm for carbon steel, 12 mm for stainless steel and 8 mm for aluminium.

From the laser technology, it is found that the cutting gap is very narrow and the cutting surface is of very high quality, thereby in general a further surface treatment or reworking can be omitted

. The basis for the high cutting efficiency is the laser light generated by focussing the high-power density laser beam, a result of which the material evaporates from the cutting gap.

The other great advantage is the relatively high speed that can be achieved, the usable fast feed, whereby the processing time of the laser processing is relatively short.

The CNC laser cutting machine has all the advantages compared to the traditional CNC equipment, the control is numerical via the computer preparation, the data, the processing, the spare part drawings can be entered via different CAD computer files, but our colleagues also take over the optimization of the cutting planning using the raw data of the spare parts..

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The advantages of CNC laser cutting:

 Cutting without mechanical touch 
 Very narrow cutting gap, high precision, small radii 
 Very good quality, burr-free cutting surfaces, no need for post-processing or rework
 High degree of freedom of planning regarding spare parts 
 Automation potential, CAD-based control

Our CNC laser cutting service

Currently, 2 high-performance TRUMPF TLC 3030 laser cutting machines are waiting for our partners and customers at our Győr location. The characteristics of our laser cutting services are:

 Work range: 1.500 mm x 3.000 mm
 Control: SIEMENS
 Maximum cutting power: 4 kW
■ Shape and position tolerance of our machines:  ±0,1 mm

Materials that can be cut by laser cutting: 

 Steel with a sheet thickness of 20 mm
 Stainless steel with a sheet thickness of 12 mm
 Aluminium with a sheet thickness of 8 mm


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Production manager of CNC cutting and bending work
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