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Metal Industry and Professional Education Cluster

Industrial Metal Working

Industrial Metal Working

Thank to our experienced colleagues, and the continuously modernized and improved machine park, we are in the position to process of nearly all metallic materials for our partners working in the fields of various branches metal processing, machine construction, vehicle, oil and gas industry, food manufacturing, plastic industry, etc. – and we take the responsible processing of their final products that can be solved in a classical metal work.

In our classical metalworking shop we manufacture all kind of products from metals for you, anything you can imagine, be individual or series product. A favourable price is a matter of fact, inclusive the total range of processing up to extraordinary flexible conditions. 

The most important advantages for you derive from the fact that you can safely leave everything to us, from the initial work steps - planning, material procurement, cutting processes, shredding, bending, welding, electrostatic powder coating - up to the last step of finished product delivery.

Rotary Gate Széchy Swimming Pool Budapest

swing-gate of Széchy swimming bath in Budapest

Our company works – besides the most sophisticated CNC machines – with the traditional sheet forming and sheet processing machines:

 CNC Water Jet Cutting
 CNC Laser Cutting - TRUMPF TCL 3030
 CNC Autogenous Cutting
 CNC Press Brake - LVD 135t
 Eccentric press
 Sheet Metal Press
 Shredding - punching - stamping machine
 Welding technology


Iron profile cutting and stamping

Metal enclosure for storing engine blocks

pallets storage for engine blocks (AUDI)


This process is used for shredding and cutting of various iron profiles and rods, be round, quadrat or flat steel, or T-profile and I-profile, in professional manufacturing steps, such as preparation of different holes, bores, or hollowing.


 faster than other methods,
 innumerable  profiles
 each part is absolutely the same, an important feature in series manufacturing process
 precise, flat and clean cut surfaces

Our services on the area of cutting and punching of iron profiles are fulfilled with universal profile shears and cutting machine IW 55/100.

Application areas:

 punching (round, quadrat, oval etc. holes, bores, I and U-profile holes, etc.)
 flat steal sheet  cutting (even and bevel)
 profile cutting (90º – cutting, 90º – cutting with bending, 45º – cutting)
 profile from cutting (round, quadrat, U-profile, T-profile, I-profile)
 hollowing (V-hollowing)

Sheet cutting

Container 4 on a wagon

selective waste collecting in a conta

Other sheet processing works are made with use of sheet shears and sheet hollowing.

During cutting with sheet shears the work piece is laid onto an underlay, then comes the cutting process between a fix bottom and a movable top cutting edge which moves along a linear line. This process is only applicable for cutting of sheet iron.

In case of sheet cutting, the maximum cut length: 3.100 mm

Our machineries used for sheet cutting:

  • Sheet shears Digép (12 mm)
  • Sheet shears Géfi 

The company has among other things:

  • Eccentric press machines15-30-40-63
  • Stamping press Fasti Nc 3050
  • Bending machinesGéfi 

Welding shop, welding work

Spare parts for storage

Kaloda onto the storage of components (DANA)

On the area of welding we gained experiences of some decades and the material of the parts to be welded can be from steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Which materials do we use for welding?

 Carbon steel
 stainless steal
 acid resistant steel
 heat resistant steel

Welding techologies applied

Gas cabinet with sandwich panel with 2 doors

gas cabinet with twoo doors, sandwich panels

Gas cabinet painted

lacquer coated gas cabinet

 CO welding  TIG AWI welding
 arc welding with consumable electrode
 wolframelektródás, védőgázas ívhegesztés
 impulse welding

Welding machines in our machinery park

 Lincoln Powertec 3050
 TIG Navigator 240 AC/DC
 MM 250
 Weldi PLAS 60
 Weldi MÍG 280

For fourther please contact our colleagues, and ask for our offer!


Jozsef Klenovszky

Production manager of metalworking shop and powder coating work
Offers, production processes, technological questions

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