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CNC Autogenous Cutting

CNC Autogenous Cutting - oxyacetylene cutting up to a thickness of 100 mm

The cutting of metal by means of autogenous cutting for metal shredding has now become one of the traditional methods in which a combustion/oxidation takes place during the cutting process with the help of a flammable mixture of a gas and oxygen and the cutting oxygen almost throughout the total material thickness. The autogenous cutting is associated with a strong heat development along the dividing line, which causes a change in the material structure.

The autogenous cutting means practically that the material burns almost in the entire thickness of the cutting joint, the slag forming thereby is blown out at high speed by the cutting oxygen. However, the autogenous cutting cannot be effectively used for all material types, material quality and physical dimensions. 

The basic conditions for autogenous cutting are as follows:

 The oxygen in the metal is combustible
 The ignition temperature of the metal should be below is melting temperature
 The  melting point of the metal oxide is lower than the meltingpoint of the metal
 The combustion heat of the metal is high, but the thermal conductivity is preferably small

Practical experience has shown that autogenous cutting is not usable as a thermal cutting process under a certain thickness, or for the cutting of, for example, acid-resistant or highly alloyed steels. On the other hand, for unalloyed structural steels, in the case of thicker cross sections, autogenous cutting is still a perfect and used technology to this day. Thinner than 3 mm sheets can be cut, but heavy warping must be expected.

Mainly for what purpose do we use the autogenous cutting?

 It is a traditional thermal cutting process of unalloyed and low alloy steels
 For vertical cutting and edging 
 For cutting carbon steels in the thicker range it is the best and most economical way

What are the characteristics of the CNC autogenous cutting?

 It can be used for a large interval of thickness (in our company­, from 3 mm to 150 mm)
 There are possibilities for shape cutting to a thickness of 150 mm
 A relatively high heat-acting area results
■ Relatively large cutting gap 
 Great freedom of design with regard to spare parts
 Automation capability, CAD-based control 

Our CNC autogenous cutting service 

At present, we offer our customers our CNC autogenous cutting services through a 3-axis CNC equipment of the type PW XYZ equipped with a special cutting head.

 Work range: 3000 mm x 2000 mm

Greatest allowed sheet thickness : 150 mm

 Material quality to be cut: carbon steel

For further details please contact our colleagues, and ask for our offer!

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